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causes of snoring

Understanding causes of snoring

Causes of snoring: A person who snores isn’t the best person to be around when it’s bedtime that is for sure. If you sleep next to a person who snores then you know how stressful and exhausting that can be. You also know that if you don’t get the proper rest during the night your productivity level during the day will be very low. You should know that you don’t have to live with someone who snores. The time for action is now against your partner. You can go as far as saying that a couple’s intimate life can be ruined by snoring causes.

If one of the partners finds the snoring unbearable then they might sleep in another room, it is hard to have relations when two people are separated by walls. Snoring can be quite the burden if the necessary steps are not taken to ensure the person stops snoring. They can resume their intimate duties with their partner.

Things You’ll Need:

1. Time
2. Understanding
3. Patience

Step 1 There are different levels of snoring really. A moderate snorer can simply turn over and their snoring will cease. There are people who snore like grizzly bears also. This type of loud snoring won’t be cured by laying on their side – more drastic measures must be taken.

Step 2 The causes of snoring is an obstructed air passage in the back of the throat and nose basically. When the body is asleep, the muscles in the body will relax, as do the muscles in the throat. As air goes in and out of the lungs through the nose and throat, thus, causing the obstruction that blocks the air passage.

Step 3 There are numerous reasons why a person snores which include growing older, gaining weight, enlarged tonsils and adenoids, allergies, sinus infections, asthma, sleeping on your back, drinking alcohol before bed and smoking. Smoking and losing weight can is something you can control through shier will power and determination.

Step 4 Type II diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, heart attacks and strokes can all occur in those individuals who ignore their long-term, severe snoring problem. This isn’t stated to scare you but it’s just the truth. Sleep apnea is a common symptom of snoring. The inability to breathe properly will cause a person to wake up often during the night, so they are able to breathe again. This can happen many times and the person will have no recollection of what occurred during their time asleep. The person will then suffer from sleepiness during the day.

Step 5 If you are clueless about why you are still snoring after all the treatments have been taken (besides surgery) then it is wise to speak with a doctor. You might have to have a medical procedure done to fix the snoring problem. This is the last resort so before you think surgery first, don’t. Surgery is expensive and it might turn out that surgery wasn’t needed in the first place and other preventive measures could have been taken.

Step 6 Over-the-counter treatments have not been researched thoroughly as of yet. Nasal strips are a proven treatment in helping those who suffer from snoring. All you do is place the strip over the bridge of the nose and let the nasal strip do the rest of the work. Also, try a contour pillow to help keep your head at the proper level. So you don’t sleep with your mouth open.

Note: Article by Harshit Kumar. Thanks for visiting 1eightyhealth.com


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