10 Causes Of Dehydration

causes Of Dehydration

The top 10 causes of Dehydration, a danger to the health and well-being of the organism. The human body, in fact, is made in large part from its water, from liquids, that if scarce undermine balance and smooth operation. If the percentage of “liquid” the body is around 60-70%, when the level falls too much, diminishes the energy, concentration ability, and physical strength. So especially d summer, when hot and sweating are the masters increasing the dispersion of liquids and energy, better keep an eye on the possible causes of dehydration.

1. The climate

High temperatures, heat, and moisture to the stars and the sweating that increases as they do not help, indeed. The dispersion liquid is ensured: During the warmer months, especially if you are exposed to the rays of the sun, constantly better to rehydrate by drinking plenty of water.

2. Breastfeeding

During the breastfeeding new mom uses a lot of fluids. So it must reintegrate them drink in abundance, to avoid the risk of dehydration.

3. Menstrual cycle

Accomplice to the action of hormones and, in particular, estrogen and progesterone, in those days of the month. The body should be reinstated with a good dose of liquid constant, with no need to wait for the feeling thirsty to drink.

4. Spirits

Take the alcohol threatens the level of hydration of the body. When it comes, above all, of spirits, best not to overdo it and compensate with a good dose of water.

5. Advancing age or in short supply

Among the side effects of ‘ aging, there is also this: the body gradually loses its ability to retain fluid necessary and also to warn thirstily. On the other hand, even the children are considered at increased risk dehydration.

6. Stress

The situations of high stress and tension are likely to affect not only the serenity mental but also physical well-being, providing a greater expenditure of energy and fluids.

7. Unbalanced diet

A diet without carbohydrates, also poor in fruits and vegetables may not provide the body with the right amount of fluids daily. In fact, water is not just what you drink is also contained in large quantities in foods, fruits, and vegetables in the head.

8. Pregnancy

If you eat for two during the nine months is an old misconception; drink for two or almost is a truth because it increases the fluid requirements, caused by the placenta and the little life growing inside her belly.

9. Diabetes

People who suffer from diabetes, thanks to the rise in blood sugar, which tend to be eliminated through the urine.

10. The medicines and supplements

Some medicines and supplements food can cause dehydration because of the diuretic effect.

Note: Article by Harshit Kumar. Thanks for visiting 1eightyhealth.com


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